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Singh Group, Inc. provides many specialty services to provide its clients with the highest quality of services to fit one's needs. Please inquire about what we can do to fit your needs. 

Luxury Modular Homes
Prefabricated Homes


Debris Removal


Singh Group, Inc. provides debris removal throughout various states to provide the clean and secure working environments. SGI provides crews, equipment and expertise to perform cleaning on various sites.

Carpentry and Flooring
General Construction


Singh Group, Inc. provides construction services to individuals and businesses in a variety of categories. SGI works with other companies as partners, subcontractors, prime contractors and other aspects of helping each other with business.

Garage Doors
Doors, Gates & Activating Devices


Singh Group, Inc. is a D28 Doors, Gates and Activating Devices Contractor. A doors, gates and activating devices contractor installs, modifies or repairs all types of residential, commercial or industrial doors including overhead or sliding door assemblies. This includes but is not limited to: wood and screen doors, metal-clad doors, glass sliding/stationary doors and frames, automatic revolving doors, hospital cubical doors and related installations, power activated doors, gates, movable sun shades/shutters, card activated equipment and other access control device and any low voltage electronic or manually operated door hardware/ device.

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